Customizing Your Estate Plan To Fit Your Needs

There are many misconceptions about estate planning, including that it is a complicated process only necessary for the elderly or wealthy. Indeed, estate planning can benefit almost anyone.

I am attorney Allen R. Daubenspeck. I emphasize the importance of estate planning for all Tennessee residents. With affordable services and a wide array of estate planning options, I can customize a plan to fit your needs.

The Importance Of A Will

A will is one of the most important components of an estate plan. A will allows you to clarify your wishes for the distribution of your estate. To avoid misinterpretation and speculation about your intentions, it is crucial to include clear and unambiguous language. Including explanations of your decisions is perfectly acceptable and sometimes necessary to avoid any questioning of your wishes.

Other Documents To Consider Incorporating Into Your Estate Plan

Other documents that can be added as needed to your estate plan include:

  • A health care initiative. This document, also known as a living will, includes your wishes for end-of-life medical treatment.
  • Health care power of attorney. This includes the health care initiative and appoints an agent to make such health care decisions.
  • Financial power of attorney. This refers to the management of your financial affairs and appoints an agent. A durable financial power of attorney ensures that your wishes will be carried out even if you become incapacitated.
  • Trusts. I assist with asset protection trusts, special needs trusts, spendthrift trusts and more. Trusts basically supersede wills, as ownership of the assets is then transferred into a trust.

I will guide you throughout the process of determining what fits into your customized estate plan.

Thorough Estate Planning Can Help You Avoid Complicated Probate

Strategic estate planning with a lawyer can reduce or eliminate the need for probate. Probate is the court-ordered process for distributing your property, assets and liabilities upon death. While probate may be necessary for most estates, I can address your options if avoiding this prospect is a goal of yours.

Planning Now Can Avoid Uncertainty In The Future

I can assist in planning your estate efficiently and affordably. Schedule a free in-person consultation at my Murfreesboro office. Contact me by calling 615-956-0148 or by reaching out to me online.