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Family Law Mediation Attorney in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Coming to a Collaborative Resolution Through Mediation

Facing a divorce or child custody dispute is already stressful enough. Such disputes can escalate quickly when either side is argumentative and when reaching an agreement seems unlikely.

In Tennessee, family law clients must generally attempt mediation before a child custody or divorce case can be tried before a judge. I am attorney Allen R. Daubenspeck. As a Rule 31 listed mediator, I provide experienced representation throughout the mediation process for family law disputes.

The Mediation Process in Tennessee

Divorce and child custody disputes are two types of family law cases that must go through mediation first. In mediation, the parties are in separate rooms, and the neutral mediator moves between rooms. The parties make the decisions; the mediator simply works toward facilitating an agreement.

Mediation is confidential. No party will have to testify on the stand and, except for the details of the settlement, nothing will be part of the public record. While this can provide a calmer method to resolve a dispute, mediation is not for every couple and is not always successful. In such situations, the case will go to litigation.

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The Benefits of Mediation

As a trained and experienced mediator in Tennessee, I have seen firsthand how effective mediation can be to resolve even the most contentious disputes. There are many benefits to mediation:

  • It is far less expensive than litigation.

  • It is often much more efficient than litigation.

  • It gives parties much more control over the outcome.

  • It can salvage a relationship between parents going forward.

  • It can save money on the very marital assets at issue in a divorce.

  • It can save you from testifying in court, including direct and cross-examination.

  • It can spare your children the stress and trauma of testifying in court.

In litigated child custody disputes, your children may be required to state their preference in court about custody-related decisions. This can be traumatic. Mediation can prevent this and keep the decision-making process between the parents. Additionally, the collaborative nature of mediation can enable a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Consult with A Trained Mediator on Your Family Law Matters

Mediation can allow you to move forward with your family law matter more efficiently and often more amicably than litigation. Schedule a free in-person consultation with me at my office in Murfreesboro to discuss whether mediation is an option for your case.