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What factors influence the calculation of child support?

As a parent, one of your main concerns in a divorce is the protection of your children's interests. You understand how important it is to provide a way for your children to have as much continuity of lifestyle as possible and support from both parents. One way to ensure this is to secure a fair child support order.

Whether you will receive support or you will be the one to make these payments, you have the right to seek an amount you believe is fair. Some parents are able to come to a reasonable agreement on this matter out of court, but sometimes, a family court decides how child support will work. Whether you're heading to court or you'll be negotiating on this issue on your own, it is beneficial to learn more about what factors influence the calculation of these payments.

Is it true that you do not need an estate plan?

Many Tennessee residents think that they have tomorrow to get unpleasant tasks done. Unfortunately, too many people keep putting off those tasks until there are no more tomorrows. While this idea may seem saddening, it happens quite often, especially when it comes to estate planning.

You may be among the many people who think you have all the time in the world to create an estate plan or who think that you do not even need one. Either line of thinking could prove dangerous because everyone can benefit from an estate plan, and if you wait too long, your family could end up in a difficult position.

What should you include in your parenting plan?

Parents facing a divorce may dread deciding on matters concerning their children. The uncertainty of the process to come can be overwhelming and you may fear how your time with your child will be affected, as well as how your child will adjust to the changes.

Tennessee courts favor preserving and promoting a child’s relationship with both parents whenever possible. Courts also recognize that a divorce or separation can be particularly hard on children. To ease the transition, a parenting plan can help to distinguish each parent’s responsibilities while prioritizing the needs, stability and future of their child.

Are you experiencing these signs of divorce?

The first few months of a new calendar year are often quiet and can be ripe for reflection and goal setting. The end of the previous year you may have had kids starting a new school year in the fall, there was busy holiday festivities and you spent time with family and friends. But now you may have the time to take a hard look at your marriage and wonder where you really want to be one year from now.

If this is happening to you, it likely means you are unsatisfied with your marriage and it may be time to turn your attention to divorce. Here are the common signs of what you may be experiencing that could be the precursor for divorce.

Navigating family issues with mediation

Problems within the family are always a challenge. There is the emotional pain of arguing with those you care about, as well as the added layer of having to fight for the outcome you need most. Tennessee is unique in how it resolves these issues, though. Our state prefers to employ mediation over taking someone to court.

If you are unfamiliar, mediation is a process in which two or more people with an issue sit down together and hash out their problem. Most family law issues are required to go through mediation before someone can be taken to court for one very good reason: mediation works.


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