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The Cost of Divorce

Daubenspeck Oct. 23, 2020

Divorce does not have to be expensive.  When both parties agree on the division of property and can work out a reasonable parenting schedule, this is referred to as an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE.  Without children, you can be divorced in as little as 60 days in the state of Tennessee.  With children, you can be divorced in 90 days.  You may not even be required to make a court appearance. The costs associated are the filing fee and the attorney fee. The filing fee is what the court clerk’s office charges to file the documents.  Sometimes this is referred to as court costs.  The Attorney fee is what you pay your attorney to draft all the documents correctly and file them for you.  A simple uncontested divorce can cost as little as $500.00 plus the filing fee.  Many employers offer legal assistance discounts for their employees as a benefit of employment.  Check with your human resources department to see if your company offers such a benefit.  If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, give us a call, Daubenspeck Law.