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Are You Experiencing These Signs of Divorce?

Daubenspeck Feb. 11, 2019

The first few months of a new calendar year are often quiet and can be ripe for reflection and goal setting. The end of the previous year you may have had kids starting a new school year in the fall, there was busy holiday festivities and you spent time with family and friends. But now you may have the time to take a hard look at your marriage and wonder where you really want to be one year from now.

If this is happening to you, it likely means you are unsatisfied with your marriage and it may be time to turn your attention to divorce. Here are the common signs of what you may be experiencing that could be the precursor for divorce.

Not happy or fulfilled – The start of a relationship will typically bring a sense of excitement to every meeting with your new love. While this feeling does not usually last, it should not totally disappear. If you are feeling bored or even unhappy around your spouse, it may be time to find the answer for this. If there is not one, divorce may be the next option.

You have become roommates – When love has vanished from the marriage, it can feel that you are just living in a home with another person. Sometimes though, marriage is put on the backburner with busy schedules, kids and long work days. If you are unable to spark up the marriage, there may not be a reason to continue living this way. 

Arguing – If you find that most if not all your conversations turn into a fight or a disagreement, it may just be the frustration over the situation you are in boiling over. 

Different priorities – You both can have your own goals and plans, but when priorities are different, they can really disrupt a marriage. Different priorities can include starting a family, where to live, how much money to save and if one of you should go back to school. 

Marriages have high points and low points. Going through a low point while feeling frustrated about your situation does not necessarily mean the marriage should be over. But if you have been feeling that the end of your marriage is evident, you may want to consider speaking with an attorney who can discuss your legal rights with you which may give you a clear picture of your future.