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Protect Your Rights And Freedom With A Strong Criminal Defense

If you face criminal charges or if you have been questioned by police in connection with a crime, it is wise to immediately enlist the services of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. I am attorney Allen R. Daubenspeck and I have extensive experience defending clients against drunk driving charges, drug crimes and more. In addition, I was an assistant district attorney, so I know how the state prosecutes crimes.

What A Good Defense Attorney Does

The consequences of a criminal conviction are too serious to be taken lightly. Your lawyer should be focused on minimizing the impact of any criminal charge. This is not a time for cookie-cutter legal strategies.

Any lawyer worth hiring should take the time to learn about you and the details of your situation. Anything less can result in you having a subpar defense, which can result in stiff fines or even jail time.

Every client has unique circumstances that define their case. I will take the time necessary to make sure I have all of the information I need to prepare the strongest possible defense. I represent clients in a wide range of cases, including:

  • DUI
  • Drug crimes
  • Domestic assault

Do Not Waste Another Moment To Begin Defending Yourself

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges, now is the time to get an attorney who can defend you. Choose a lawyer who knows what it takes by calling our Murfreesboro office at 615-956-0148 or by reaching us through our online contact form. Your consultation is free. We serve clients throughout Middle Tennessee, so call today and protect your tomorrow.

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