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The Daubenspeck Law Office in Tennessee acts as a family attorney when you're facing a tricky legal situation and you're in need of effective attorneys in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Family law cases are handled somewhat differently from criminal law cases. We understand that going through a divorce isn't easy, but we are reliable and know how to get you the outcome you deserve. We also assist our clients with mediation, child custody, personal injury, probate and adoption cases.
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Divorces are resolved through either mediation or litigation. The first of these is designed to provide a forum for the individuals involved to reach a negotiated agreement. The latter of the two involves any emotional or financial expenses, and it is arbitrated by a trial judge. We aim to provide our clients with good advice and representation from a divorce attorney during this difficult time in order to minimize stress. We do this by providing help with custody arrangement, courtroom representation, alimony negotiations and guidance in and out of any court settlements.
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We have many years worth of experience in building families through adoption. Any adoption case comes with unique challenges, both emotionally and legally. We will assist you with each one of these challenges, as well as many different legal types of adoptions, including state adoptions, private adoptions, stepparent adoption and single parent adoptions.
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We are here to assist our clients with fantastic services when guiding them through the probate process. This process contains a myriad of steps that have to be taken in order for it to be successful. First, the probate estate is open. Next, the notice is provided to any beneficiaries and other possible beneficiaries. Then, a notice is delivered to creditors and claims are resolved. A collection of all assets and a last distribution are made. Finally, TennCare clearance and inheritance tax clearance go through.