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Protecting The Interests Of Your Children

As a parent, you want the best for your children. When your time with or access to your children is in jeopardy, tensions can rise and both parents can quickly become argumentative.

I am attorney Allen Daubenspeck. At The Daubenspeck Law Office, I provide experienced legal representation throughout child custody disputes. Whether the dispute is part of a divorce proceeding, a separation or paternity case, I will prioritize upholding the best interests of both your child and yourself.

Joint And Sole Custody In Tennessee

Tennessee has several options for resolving child custody disputes. The appropriate resolution will depend on you and your child’s other parent, as well as — and most importantly — what is in the best interests of the child. Joint and sole custody are the two main options, with joint custody being the preferred option in most cases to maximize the child’s time with both parents.

Mediation Can Be Highly Effective

As in other Tennessee family law matters, parents involved in child custody disputes must first attempt mediation. Mediation can offer a calmer, alternative dispute resolution to litigation. Many crucial topics will be discussed, including:

  • Upholding the child’s relationships with both parents
  • Maintaining a stable environment for the child
  • The physical, financial and medical capabilities and histories of both parents

Representation In Litigation When Necessary

Custody disputes can require litigation when the parties do not reach a full agreement at mediation. Litigation is often more stressful and more expensive and offers less control over the outcome of the case. While I support mediation as an effective means to resolve disputes, I recognize that some disputes require litigation. In such situations, I will aggressively represent your interests and achieve an optimal outcome.

Discuss Your Case With A Child Custody Lawyer

Given the highly sensitive nature of child custody disputes, working with a seasoned attorney is crucial. Schedule a free in-person consultation with me in Murfreesboro to learn how I can help in your case. Call me at 615-956-0148 or reach out to me online.

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